Breakdown by Business Segment (fiscal year for the year ended June 30, 2019)

ULVAC’s operations can be divided into 2 major segments: 1) Vacuum-Equipment Business which leverage vacuum technology and provide a range of vacuum equipment / appliances and services, including Flat Panel Display (FPD) production equipment; and 2)Vacuum Application Business which leverage vacuum peripheral technology and provide advanced materials, surface analysis etc.

■Vacuum-Equipment Business

FPD and PV Production Equipment

As befits a company involved in a range of FPD and PV manufacturing technologies, ULVAC not only develops production equipment but also offers solutions worldwide that leverage its development of advanced

Semiconductor and Electronic Device Prouction Equipment

Higher integration and higher performance at lower cost are demanded for next-generation semiconductors and other high-performance devices. Based on its development of super-miniaturization technologies for such semiconductors and other electronic devices, ULVAC delivers a stream of new technologies and products to the world that underpin the progress of society.


As a comprehensive vacuum product manufacturer, ULVAC is also dedicated to the development of components. ULVAC pursues cutting-edge vacuum technology while providing a wide range of product lines, extending from vacuum pumps and measurement and analysis equipment, to components, such as power generators for various types of deposition equipment and vacuum valves.

Industrial Equipment

With a long history of producing vacuum equipment for industrial use, ULVAC has been involved in this business sector since the emergence of vacuum technology in the 1950s. Currently, leveraging the fundamental technology it has developed so far, ULVAC provides various solutions across wide-ranging industries, including the automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

■Vacuum-Application Business


ULVAC is a source of electronic materials, such as sputtering targets, for diverse industries. In addition, in the high-performance materials sector, ULVAC is a source of integrated manufacturing and precision processing technologies for titanium, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, etc.


ULVAC is a source of technology derived from vacuum-based production equipment for diverse industries.