Regarding business forecasts
Certain information set forth in this web site may constitute forecasts regarding future business performance. ULVAC makes no guarantees of assurance for the outcome of these forecasts as they include inherent uncertainties and risks. Please note that the actual future outcomes may differ from the stated target due to changes in the business environment, etc.
Please also note that we will assume no responsibility for any omission or error in the statement and data posted on this web site.

Regarding securities trading
This web site is presented for the purpose of providing information on future management strategy only and not for the purpose of soliciting investment on securities issued by ULVAC.

Regarding regulations prohibiting insider transactions
This web site may from time to time include information on "Matters of Importance" as stipulated in Article 166 of the Security and Exchange Law. Please note that, in cases where those who have come to know such "Matters of Importance" through news releases etc. on this web site and who buy or sell such securities issued by the company as stocks within 12 hours of the disclosure of such "Matters of Importance", pursuant to the provision of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Security and Exchange Law, may be subject to legal action for a violation of the regulation prohibiting insider transactions under the Security and Exchange Law.

Regarding copyright
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Regarding indemnifications
ULVAC shall not take any responsibility for any problems, loss or damage caused by, or by the use of, information posted on this web site. While the information posted on this web site may be removed, or modified, from time to time without prior notice, ULVAC shall not take any responsibility for any problems, loss or damage caused by such removal or modification.

IR policy

I.Standards of Disclosure
ULVAC performs information disclosure according to Securities and Exchange Law and the “Regulations on Timely Release of Company Information from Issuers of Listed Securities” set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter, “Regulations on Timely Release”).
ULVAC’s policy for releasing information not covered by the Regulations on Timely Release is to do so as actively and fairly as possible while remaining consistent with investor demand.

II.Methods of Information Release
ULVAC obeys the Regulations on Timely Release whenever releasing information to which they apply. After reporting to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in advance, it publishes the information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Information Release System (TDnet). Information made public on TDnet is then quickly added to the company homepage. However, due to the preparation of PDF files and other tools, information may appear on the homepage well after its publication on TDnet. Therefore, when checking for the latest information made public by ULVAC, one is best served by referencing both the company homepage and TDnet.
The Regulations on Timely Release are also used as a base for the release of information to which they do not apply. This is done to ensure that the most appropriate methods are applied to transmit such information to investors fairly and accurately.

III.Information on Homepage
ULVAC considers its homepage to be an important source of information for its investors. Information made public on TDnet is added to the homepage as quickly as possible. When judged to be of use to investors, presentations given at company meetings and information not covered by the Regulations for Timely Release are also included on the homepage.

IV.Prospects for the Future
In addition to profit estimations noted in account settlement briefings, ULVAC may also provide an outlook on the company’s future. Current plans, future outlooks, opinions, and strategies may also be included in company media, presentations, materials, speeches, addresses, Q&As, documents, and homepage content. In either case, anything having not already occurred in the past is an outlook presupposed as of that time, based on the judgment of ULVAC management according to existing available information.
Therefore, ULVAC requests that examinations of the company’s achievements, corporate value, etc. are not made based solely on such prospective outlooks. Examiners are asked to understand that actual results are based on a wide variety of factors and may vary greatly from previously formed outlooks. The important factors that do influence results include the following: (1) financial conditions that surround ULVAC and changes in demand trends, (2) changes in interest and exchange rates, and (3) ability to continue design / development and manufacturing / sales in time with the introduction of new products and sudden, radical technological reforms in fields such as the electronics business. However, the amount of factors which may affect results is by no means limited to this list

V.Period of Silence
In order to secure fairness and prevent leakage of account information, ULVAC enacts a period of silence from the day following the account settlement date to the day of account presentation. During this period, ULVAC will refrain from commenting on or answering questions about account settlement. However, if during this period there is a chance that results will greatly differ from expectations, ULVAC will release information according to the Regulations on Timely Release.

VI.Other Conditions of Use
For more about ULVAC information searches on the company homepage, in addition to this disclosure policy, one may also reference the annotations section of the separate exemption clause.